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PT. Korindo Heavy Industries
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Name:Mrs. ari kurniati [Sales]
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Skype: ari_desta
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Phone Number:Phone number of Mrs. ari kurniati at Tangerang
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Address:Jl. Raya Serang Km. 31 Tangerang
Tangerang 15610, Banten
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Registration Date:Jul. 27, 2007
Last Updated:Jul. 10, 2008
Business Nature:Manufacturing of Automobile category

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Hyundai/ Korindo enjoys a global reputation' s of high quality manufacturer uniquely capable of combining efficient, lean manufacturing technology, with a strict design to cost philosophy.

With the Hyundai/ Korindo commercial vehicles, there are more reasons than ever to consider choosing us in Indonesia. Power comfort and more of everything to keep ahead of the competition.

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